Digital Field Data Solutions  
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Full Circle Software offers two GPS-enabled software systems designed to meet specific requirements for recording digital data in the field.

Wild! is designed for field use in plant and animal sciences, offering features that make it an appropriate tool for both casual users and professional scientists.

With features that support simple list-keeping to educational use (quizzes), multimedia libraries, custom data fields, and very sophisticated GPS functions for GIS applications (grids, area mapping, etc.), Wild! is ready to meet almost any data collection challenge in the field.

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Our second system, GPXtra, is a location-based system with built-in capabilities for dispatch, routing, navigation and digital data entry. Its a perfect choice for any company that wishes to move their paper-based fleet and service management over to a digital solution.

GPXtra also includes the same special GPS functions that support sophisticated mapping/data functions in our Wild! software produce. Define high-precision GPS points or grids and then record field data at those points. GPXtra can generate Google Earth maps to help visualize data before processing it in special GIS software.

Field units equipped with mobile broadband capabilities can synchronize at regular intervals with office computers.

GPXtra product pages are coming soon!

Both software systems are available in Macintosh and Windows versions. They are not available for "smart phones" or Android tablets due to some of their sophisticated functions, but are optimized for use on Windows-based slate or tablet computers with touch screen capabilities.

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